CMI Vietnam was registered with Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and came into operation with Business License granted on 05 February 2001. CMI Vietnam was also nationally recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MoET) as a provider of professional services in study abroad, being among the very few qualified educational agents selected for such national recognition by MoET. While Vietnamese government does not grant any license for immigration services in Vietnam, nor that the government bans the said service , CMI Vietnam services not only student visa, but variety of international visas of its expertise, although, international education services, including student visa, remains a strong business area of CMI Vietnam


Main business functions of CMI Vietnam

1/ Study abroad services to Vietnamese nationals, individual and institutional. This includes student recruitment service for several international education providers in major English speaking countries

2/ Consultancy works for educational matters in Vietnam. This includes international co-operation, fact-finding tours to Vietnam and abroad, credit transfers, international programs to be delivered in Vietnam, facilitating partnership between Vietnamese and international education institutions…

3/ International education exhibition, conference, road show, promotional work, and market positioning in Vietnam.

CMI Vietnam Founder cum pioneer director ( Joseph ) Tuong Nguyen  brought home his diverse work experience as a former educator, a public servant expert of Youth and Community services, a journalist, a real estate and business consultant, a Vietnamese community leader in Australia , and Justice of the Peace of New South Wales State, Australia. He started Vietnam business in 1990 with base in Sydney, Australia, but actually has been living permanently in Vietnam since 1998 and plans his retirement in between Vietnam and Australia. Between 1990 and 1998 Joseph involved in business consultancy and immigration works

During his years at CMI Vietnam from 2001 ,  his company served clients and partners in Vietnam and from 7 countries, mainly English speaking,  but Swiss, Dutch, French, German, Malaysian educational institutions are also included. Joseph’s long service in Vietnam has enabled CMI Vietnam to enjoy ample local connections, experience and excellent recognition from both governmental bodies and the local  community.

Joseph Nguyen and senior staff achieved status of EATC ( Qualified agent for Australian Education), New Zealand Education Specialist, ICEF Recognized Agent, British Council UK Education Trained Agent, Canadian Education International Trained Agent  , Singapore Education Specialist and well linked with the Education Office of the US in Vietnam.

CMI Vietnam is being backed by Dr. Daniel Ha – a long time friend of Joseph – a Medical Doctor trained in Australia and currently holding the position of Co-owner cum President of  Boston Medical Group with Headquarter in Costa Mesa, California, U.S.A. As an Honorable Vice President, Dr. Ha has made substantial contribution of resources, advices on education and business in North America to CMI Vietnam.


Our mission, operations and years in Vietnam
Our mission, operations

CMI Vietnam founders, Joseph T. Nguyen and Dr. Daniel Ha, see education and training as the most needed elements for the development of Vietnam. While Vietnam’s existing education system is diverse by those brought into the country along with historical settings, it requires many changes and acquisitions of updated international qualifications, and know-how to move the country’s human resources up to the level commensurate with the fuller integration the country has been engaging in ASEAN, AFTA and WTO.

Education and training, therefore, is now much an exciting field of business in Vietnam toward a long future ahead. The recent decision of the Government to privatize a large portion of public Colleges and Universities, together with opening up secondary and primary school sector to public and international investments is a firm confirmation of a potential business for education in Vietnam.

CMI Vietnam fits in with the above picture with committed mission to provide best quality counseling and services to the able Vietnamese to find top education and training abroad in developed countries, on both privately and publicly funded bases while bringing into Vietnam international programs, lecturers for local students with less funding to enjoy higher / professional education in the country

CMI Vietnam’s key international managers, with many years of service in Vietnam, observe the rising ability of Vietnamese families to send children abroad, from high school to post-graduated levels. While observing this, they notice that professional counseling, pre-departure orientation, and post-arrival follow-up remain much to desire from agents and their partner providers to the students sent abroad, resulting in deep anxieties and unsuccessful study plans to parents and students who should have proper preparation and timely assistance from their agents when language and culture gaps turn into disastrous incidents. Under such circumstances, negative impacts on the reputation of the agents and the providers involved are inevitable.

In order to differentiate itself in the overseas study sector, CMI Vietnam has been working as a keen advocator and operator with the importance attached to quality service, whereby its motto is to be a companion of parents and students. This is illustrated by CMI Vietnam in providing a well-suited plan of study abroad to students from the beginning until the students’ early arrival in their destinations and in following up with timely and effective trouble shootings for them when needed.

As part of its service commitments to parents and students, CMI Vietnam also works well with international education providers of several countries accepting Vietnamese students under international business standards and ethic codes.


Our years in Vietnam, major activities from 2001 to date

1/ Student Recruitment

CMI Vietnam has sent numerous students to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, the U.S, and the U.K. It has received Providers and Representatives of Educational Bodies from South Africa, Brunei, Holland, Germany, Sweden, and contacts from France, China, Korea, Thailand, Spain, Russia, Italy, South America, and India for co-operation in student recruitments.

CMI Vietnam represents over 150 providers in seven countries, mainly English speaking such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, the U. K and US, plus its  Swiss hospitality and tourism University in Switzerland, and is linked to numerous others by agreement with various Group Admissions and International Referral Networks.

2/ Fact-finding tour organization

In 2001, CMI Vietnam was instrumental for the invitation of the first senior expert from Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam to visit 9 education institutions in Perth, Western Australia. In 2003, CMI Vietnam acted as Principal Organizer of the Fact Finding tour on IT training for the Department of School, Ministry of Defense of Vietnam, to visit four Australian universities. In addition, various private organizations and interested individuals in international education in Vietnam were assisted by CMI Vietnam to find prospective counterparts abroad.

Meanwhile, CMI Vietnam has brought to Vietnam Executive Directors, Rectors, Directors of Study, Deans, International Managers, Representatives of Departments of Education, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, School Boards, and Companies to meet with local counterparts.

3/ Educational Event Organizer / Manager

In 2003, CMI Vietnam was appointed Principal Event Organizer for the first Malaysian Higher Education Exhibition in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. His Excellency Tan Sri Musa Bin Mohamad, Minister for Education of Malaysia, co-officiated the exhibition in Hanoi with his counter part, Prof. Nguyen Minh Hien, Minister for Education and Training of Vietnam.

In 2003, CMI Vietnam independently organized the first International Education Exhibition in the Mekong Delta Region South Vietnam at Can Tho City. The event was attended by nine international providers. Many road shows, public seminars, school / university visits, visits to educational authorities, in-house seminars at CMI Vietnam’s own seminar room, have been perfectly staged for its international partners.

CMI Vietnam itself represented various international partners at exhibitions, conferences, manned their booths and the professional follow –up with visitors toward their enrolments. Without such follow-ups, exhibition and other promotional activities can be illusive. CMI Vietnam enjoys cordial relationship with education journalists, reporters of local top media bodies. Various articles about international education have appeared in such media, either fully written by Joseph or his opinions being quoted.

4/ Cooperative work with other Agents, Organizations in Vietnam and abroad

In July 2004, CMI Vietnam offered the first-ever training course in Vietnam for Professional Counselors for Study Abroad. The Course ran for two weeks with trainees from colleges, provincial Departments of Education and Training, Youth Organization and other Agents. Lecturers from CMI Vietnam were being aided with international colleagues, representatives of the providers in Vietnam, banks and visa experts.

Other targeted shorter courses, aimed at exclusive or major programs that CMI Vietnam represented in the country were also delivered to partner agents.

The offers of free professional training of CMI Vietnam to local colleagues reflected its desire to project itself as a Primary Agent in Vietnam, which will secure supports from other agents for CMI Vietnam to achieve the right to provide quality exclusive, selective programs abroad to these Agents for student recruitments. This role gives CMI Vietnam the power to work only with selective educational providers, running their promotional works in Vietnam, providing them with the desired quota of students with less burden of dealing with unqualified agents and the cost to regularly travel to Vietnam.

In return, CMI Vietnam can guarantee quality follow-up in conjunction with international partners to gain the best pastoral care for the students, regular report to parents back home. Commercially, CMI Vietnam will earn a margin of the special commission, bonus scheme from various partners, while it can utilize the combined financial support power from them to launch effective advertising, promotional campaigns to draw clients to CMI Vietnam ‘s network of Agents, who can save their own cost on advertisement and enjoy better supports, commission in accordance of good performance. Please see our Priority Institutions Scheme (PIS), a scheme designed by CMI Vietnam as part of its tools to the above goal.


Our website

The website consists two versions of Vietnamese and English language. The Vietnamese site is the key for CMI Vietnam to draw in viewers and prospective clients, also a link to partners at home and abroad. The English site targets itself as our communication line with international partners.

How our Vietnamese website serves you

This site exposes to Vietnamese viewers the below attractions:

1/ General information about study abroad and visas to several countries.

2/ Interested articles on international education & training, students abroad and Vietnamese overseas communities, Government movements on education.

3/ Number of English Tests – Entry requirements to different levels of education in key countries.

4/ Q/A and Most Frequent Questions on study abroad and migration matters. Scholarships available from CMI partners. Newsletters to individuals and institutions.

5/ Activities / events of CMI Vietnam and its international partners.

6/ A forum opening to Vietnamese students in various countries, and to local students, parents, associations, and alumni groups.

7/ A Link to our local partner agents.

8/ The website has a page leading to all Providers/ Partners that CMI Vietnam represents in the country. Viewers can enter country then Selected Provider of their desire. Core information of the Provider appears in this page. A CMI Vietnam specialist of the country education will appear on each provider page with his/her picture, email address, and phone numbers. Each enquiry will be carefully answered and followed up to bring the client to CMI Vietnam’s actual counseling session for further works toward enrolments to the related Provider.

The local language and our counselors ‘ professional skills, understanding of local culture and parents/ students ‘ expectation, will guarantee the best number of enrolled students while our partner agents exposed in the web site will promote same Providers represented by CMI Vietnam.

Banners to highlight Providers programs / activities/ offer of scholarship, visit to Vietnam are posted on different pages.

The website of the Providers will be exposed or linked to the one of CMI Vietnam. They will also be given links to view their Vietnamese pages on our web site.

A supporting fund will be required for the above exposure and for services provided by CMI Vietnam. For a full year, depending on the size, level of the provider, and prioritized position on the pages, the fee ranges between 1,000 to 1,500 USD. Part of this fund will be dedicated to the aggressive advertising campaign for the website on local media and the co-operation of friendly education journalists, reporters.

CMI Vietnam website carries ambition to become the most viewed website on international education and Vietnamese students abroad.